President's Column

Different Paths Converge

by Dr. Nhung Brandenburg  

President’s Column – September 2017

In my last column, I discussed the path that led me to optometry and my involvement with the GOA. I’ve so enjoyed hearing your stories about why you chose the profession of optometry and what your passions are within the profession.

Now it is time to bring all of our different paths together.

We recently held a strategic planning session during which we identified challenges to the profession and determined new goals to move the organization forward. There is only one way that we can accomplish these goals: members need to get more involved.

How? Below are specific steps you, as members, can take to better the association, which in turn, helps advance the profession.

  • Are you interested in growing membership? Public relations? Community outreach? There is always a place for you to get involved by joining a GOA committee focused on one of those areas! Visit for a complete list.
  • The GOA has a strong legislative foundation, but there is always room for improvement. Do you know a Georgia state legislator? Let the GOA lobby team know! Invite them to tour your practice, improve the relationship over a meal. It is so important our grassroots efforts are robust. Each connection will enable optometrists to educate lawmakers and influence legislation.
  • Don’t have a lot of time on your hands? Contribute to GOA-PAC. A donation is easy, fast and is invaluable to the GOA’s legislative success.
  • To learn about more areas of involvement contact the GOA office at

    As a practicing optometrist, I am well aware of the time crunch we all face. A busy career, family life and outside obligations make it seem like we have less time than ever before. Currently, we have approximately 700 members but roughly only 10 percent of those individuals are involved in the GOA.


    While some members may choose not to be involved for different reasons, there are many others who are not aware of the opportunities.

    I want to change that this year and make it possible for each member to do at least one thing to promote the profession.

    I look forward to all the great things we will accomplish when our paths unite to support a common goal—making the profession the best it can possibly be.